Taking a huge, convoluted web hr product and turning it into a manageable, enjoyable mobile native app experience that allows employees and managers to take advantage of the most important functionality on the go.

distilling features + architecting flows

The most important part of the project was determining which of the features actually made sense on mobile. After carefully analyzing the most used functionality from the website and considering all of the possible use cases, we were able to distill a massive product into a simple but effective feature list.

project approach /
a pragmatic dashboard

Dashboards are one of those conventions that can easily become a place to put redundant information. My goal was to create a landing view that allowed the user to action on the most important items right away. This allowed for a much quicker path through to the most common desired actions and resulted less hidden items in the menu.

typography and elements

avenir next (ios font) light + roman


Punching in is inherently linked to a shift, so the button was placed in relation to the user’s next shift on the landing view. The client also wanted location authentication for the punch in button to be made actionable. However, with the possibility of location services being disabled by the device or a poor connection, a secondary authentication method was added which enabled to user to take an image on location and follow through on punching in.

Considering all possible use cases early in the user flow allowed us to account for full usage of functionality at all times. 

check back for interaction design gifs