Hourglass is a simple utilitarian app with the goal of making a countdown timer that is easy to use and produces a beautiful result that the user would be happy to share with others. I really wanted to design a product that did those intensely personal moments that are worth counting down to justice.

easy as 1-2-3-4

One of the most important things with hourglass, was the resisting the urge to add unnecessary flourish. I developed a simple 4-step process to guide the user through the creation as quickly as possible. By separating the process into 4 different screens, as opposed to having it all sit on one table-view, I was able to add touches of delight with transitions and animation that made the user feel like they were building something themselves, piece by piece.

project approach /

One thing I really wanted to do was allow a certain level of personalization with the app. After all, Hourglass would be used to track very personal moments. However, to ensure the aesthetic-usability of the interface, I developed a filter-based theme method for the photos that users uploaded. The prevalence of apps like Instagram and VSCO accustomed users to this type of personalization, resulting in a very low barrier to usage. It also allowed me to ensure that whatever image was uploaded, it would not cloud the legibility of the other elements on the view.

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